Mobile calling, especially video calling or chatting has been a great invention of technology. Video call brings people face-to-face virtually thereby eliminating the distance between them. It’s a great way to connect with your friends, family or co-workers despite the long distance in between. In fact video calling is also being used to conduct business meetings, presentations and more. Presence of conferencing platforms and tools has made it really easy and convenient to conduct meetings and more.

Mobile phones are no longer just a device for calling; it has become a versatile tool. Presence of quality rear and front camera, microphone and other features have improved the overall usability of these phones. But, there is still a little inconvenience when you are doing video calls using your smartphones.

The issues with mobile video calls are –

  • To do video calls or chats, it becomes obligatory to hold the phone in one hand. So, either you cannot do any work along with the call or you need to manage tasks with a single hand. It is wastage of time in the first case and inconvenient in the second.
  • There are several mobile phone stands available on the market. But, to use those stands efficiently, you need to adjust your position as per the angle of the stand. Else, the video will not show your face properly.
  • The only other solution is to prop your phone up with a random object like a coffee cup or book, which is unstable and will not give you the option to adjust angles efficiently.

So the question remains – will video calling with mobile phones always remain this limiting? Of course not! The KickBack is here to address all these woes and more. The KickBack allows users to have quality video calls while carrying on with their daily chores. This innovative mobile grip and stand makes it possible to do multiple things at a time. It is flat, flexible and can be propped at any angle horizontally and vertically.

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