Top 5 gifts under $10 for Birthday

Do you have a brother whose birthday is approaching? Or do you find it difficult to choose the right gift for a friend or colleague? Well, gift shopping for boys is a challenge and if you have budget criteria, the challenge becomes multifold. Birthday gifts can be expensive, especially when you have half a dozen friends, cousins or nephews. Don’t worry!

The best way to find gifts under a budget is to get innovative and research for options. Here is a list of gifts under $10 that boys will surely love –

  • Walkie-talkie – A gift that is not only fun, but invokes a lot of memories. Walkie-talkies are retro, and it will be loved as a gift by kids as well as adults. You can easily find portable, battery operated two way radios online under $10. If you are looking for more sophisticated walkie-talkies for adults, you may have to increase your budget.
  • Portable travel kit organizer – One of the best gifts for business or leisure travelers, a hanging travel organizer is definitely a steal. You can easily find a wide range of waterproof, water resistant and pocket packed hanging organizers in an array of colors. Choose the color that suits the personality of the person you are gifting it to.
  • Gardener gloves – Do you have a sibling who loves gardening? Well, give them something that helps them with their favorite hobby. Present them with abrasion resistant gloves that provide a snug fit. These gloves will keep their hands protected from thorns, mud, dirt and more.
  • KickBack Phone grip and stand – A phone grip and stand makes the best gift for a guy across any age. Instead of bulky phone stands, look for flexible and creative phone stands like the KickBack phone stand. This phone grip and stand can be used to prop the Smartphone at any angle horizontally or vertically. It can be attached behind any Android or iOS phone, and folded down when not in use.
  • Cotton pillows – If you want to present a gift with its own personality, go for a cotton pillow with an inspirational quote. These pillows can be added to any room of the home, from the reading nook to the bedroom.  You can also look for pillows with hypoallergenic properties. If the guy is a tea or coffee lover or an avid reader, you can find pillows with quotes related to these interests.

Start your shopping early as you have the time to explore your options!

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