Top 5 gift under $10 for Hanukkah

Hanukkah – the Jewish festival of lights is one of the biggest festivals for any Jewish family. The main excitement of Hanukkah revolves around the tradition of giving gifts on each day of the 8 day celebration. Finding 8 gift ideas can be really tricky as Hanukkah is about the family and gifts need to be thoughtful. Also, while keeping up with the traditions, you do not want to create a hole in your pocket. Finding innovative gifts in a budget becomes a bigger challenge.

Struggling to find Hanukkah gift ideas for your loved ones? Unsure on how to find affordable yet value adding gifts for your family? Well, here are the top 5 under $10 gift ideas for Hanukkah –

  • KickBack Phone Stand and Grip – Appealing, affordable and useful, the KickBack phone stand makes one of the best gifts for anyone. This phone stand and grip is available in a variety of colors and prints, you can find the right piece to suit the personality of the person receiving the gift. The phone grip and stand is a unique Smartphone accessory. It makes a great gift for people who love recording video content, facetime, live streaming, and so much more. It lets you stand your phone up anytime, anywhere!
  • Menorah – A gift that truly marks the occasion, Menorah is the main symbol of this holiday. When you give Menorah as a gift, the person will be able to cherish it for several years. You can easily find a variety of menorah pieces available in the market. You can also pair the Menorah with handmade candles.
  • Chocolates – Chocolates as a gift can never go wrong! To make your gift a little more thoughtful, opt for handmade chocolates instead of the packaged ones. You can easily find handcrafted chocolates with appealing, designer packaging available for delivery nationwide. What’s better than chocolates to bring sweetness to your home during this festive time. You can also give small chocolate coins designed as gelt to kids.
  • Books – Books are a man’s best friend, making them a really valuable gift. Giving books as a gift is also a great way of cultivating the habit of reading among kids. You can order books online or shop at your local library. Opt for famous books like “On the First Night of Chanukah” for kids. Valuable yet affordable, you can choose among the best seller books to start with.
  • Oil infuser – Oil has a deep relation to the festival of Hanukkah. The oil infuser makes a gift that honors this festival. An oil infuser allows them to infuse olive oil with homegrown, organic herbs. Shop online for money saving deals on oil infusers. If you get a good deal, you can also add gourmet truffle cooking oil to your gift. There are several herb infused, garlic and other gourmet cooking oil available in the market.

Hanukkah is about family! You would always want to give gifts that add value, convey your sentiments and have a meaning. Remember, the thought behind a gift is more important than the gift. Find ways to make your gift stand out on each day of Hanukkah.

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